EGDI is EuroGeoSurveys’ (EGS) European Geological Data Infrastructure and is a central component of EGS’ strategy.

EGDI provides access to Pan-European and national geological datasets and services from the Geological Survey Organisations of Europe. Through EGDI data from a number of European data harmonisation projects are accessible. EGDI was launched in June 2016 in a Version 1 and has since then been extended to include more data sets.

The operation and maintenance of EGDI has in recent years been funded by EuroGeoSurveys and the operations, maintenance, and developments are carried out by the following EuroGeoSurveys members: GEUS, CGS, GeoZS, IGME, BRGM and BGS. The work in carried out in close cooperation with EGS’ Spatial Information Expert Group.

EGDI formed the basis for the Information Platform developed in the GIP-project under the GeoERA programme which ran from July 2018 till October 2021. The GIP-project substantially extended the functionality of EGDI.

In September 2022 a new 5 year Horizon Europe Coordination and Support Action called “Geological Service for Europe (GSEU)” started and this project will further develop EGDI.

Data about raw materials from EGDI are accessible on the EC Joint Research Center’s Raw Materials System (RMIS). EGDI furthermore provides a gateway from the Geological Survey Organisations and their geological data and digital services to the European Plate Observing System (EPOS).