These datasets represent a systematic collection of harmonised data concerning geological events. The current update consists of 12 new GIS layers at a resolution of 1:100,000 scale concerning earthquakes, submarine landslides, volcanoes, tsunamis, fluid emissions and Quaternary tectonics, subdivided according to their geometry (polygons, points and lines). These products complement and update the 1:250,000 scale GIS layers already displayed on the Portal. They provide information on the type of events which have taken place in the past and might potentially occur again, including dimensions, state of activity, morphological type and lithology.

The elaboration of guidelines to compile GIS layers was aimed at identifying parameters to be used to thoroughly characterise each event. Particular attention has been devoted to the definition of the Attribute tables in order to achieve the best degree of harmonisation and standardisation complying with the European INSPIRE Directive.