The RESEERVE project was an EIT Raw Materials project mapping the mineral resources of the six ESEE countries: Albania, BIH, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Northern Macedonia, which were not included in the existing data platforms before the project. The main outcome was the WEST BALKAN MINERAL REGISTER of primary and secondary raw materials, the starting point for the integration of the region in pan- European Mineral Intelligence Network and bring it closer to the global mineral market. 473 mineral deposits and almost 1500 mining and metalurgical waste sites are included into Register. The sufficient flow of information on mineral resources is ensured for the industry and new investments in the region.

The RESEERVE project was a step forward in establishing a fruitful cooperation between the ESEE countries. The geographical coverage of the European Minerals Inventory has been extended with data from the West Balkan countries.

The activities of the RESEERVE project were in line with all three pillars of the “Raw Materials Initiative – meeting our critical needs for growth and jobs in Europe (Brussels, COM (2008/699)”. The objectives of the project were also aligned with the “Europe 2020 Flagship Initiative on Resource Efficiency” and the “Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe”, as well as with the “INSPIRE Directive (2007/2/ EC) – establishing an infrastructure for spatial information”.

Project facts:

Project duration: August 2018 – November 2021.
Project Leader: Geological Survey of Slovenia (GeoZS).

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The mineral occurrences mapped in the RESEERVE project can be seen on the map below.
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