The EGDI Metadata Catalogue (opens in a new tab) is the central access point to metadata describing in the standardized form all identified data resources and other selected information relevant to EGDI. Only digital and structured information (e.g. geographic and spatial datasets or dataset series and spatial data services as Web Map Services (WMS), Web Feature Services (WFS), multidimensional models or other digital products (web applications, etc.)) are described by metadata in this catalogue. Metadata of unstructured documents are stored and maintained in components of EGDI Document Repository.

The EGDI Metadata Catalogue enables discovery, view and use of geological data across Europe. It provides tools for compilation of those metadata in a standardized format. Metadata are freely accessible to the public for viewing and searching, but inserting and editing is available for authorized users only. If you would like to supply data and metadata to EGDI you can read here how to get started with that.