Energy is vital to the functioning of our society. We need energy to heat our homes, to produce food, for transport, and much more. But energy consumption poses two major challenges. First, our huge dependency on fossil fuels increases atmospheric CO2 and accelerates climate change. Second, domestic energy production is decreasing, so we have become more dependent on suppliers outside Europe, in some cases unreliable or unsustainable supplies. The EU aims to tackle these challenges through the Green Deal by increasing domestic renewable energy, reducing consumption, and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

In EGS this topic is dealt with in the GeoEnergy Expert Group.

A number of European and regional projects have been carried out during the last decades in order to address energy-related issues related to fossil fuel resources, Carbon capture and storage (CCS) capacity, geothermal energy potential, shale gas and shale oil plays etc. GeoERA substantially increased the knowledge about GeoEnergy.

GeoERA GeoEnergy projects:

See information about other projects and some of the energy-related data and maps on EGDI: