EGDI is EuroGeoSurveys’ (EGS) European Geological Data Infrastructure. It provides access to Pan-European and national geological datasets and services from the Geological Survey Organizations of Europe. EGDI is a central element in EGS’ ambition about establishing a Geological Service for Europe.

EGDI gives access to more than 800 map layers as well as a large number of documents (reports, images, spreadsheets,etc.). There is also a database for 3D geological models. The layers can be shown on maps and all the information can be searched in a free text search system. A number of scientific terms are documented in a vocabulary and there is also a multilingual keyword thesaurus which is used in the search system and to find layers in a connected metadata catalogue.

EGDI contains results of projects covering a broad range of geoscientific themes. You can focus on results from each of them in the “Scientific themes” section on this page or from the “Scientific themes” in the menu.

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